Internal AppleCare memo hints at a potential hardware announcement on December 8

Apple has had a busy year as far as events are concerned, and the company may not be ready to call it just yet.

This time around we probably aren’t getting an actual event, though. Apple hosted three events over the last three months, where the company announced new iPads, new iPhones, and the M1 Mac lineup. And don’t forget the HomePod mini was in there, too. But we may still be on the cusp of even more Apple-branded hardware.

According to¬†MacRumors, which obtained an internal AppleCare memo distributed to service providers, something big is going to happen on Tuesday, December 8. In the memo, Apple informs the providers that they should prepare for “new product SKUs, new/updated product descriptions, and new/updated product pricing”, and that the change will happen at 5:30 am PT/8:30 am ET.

The timing suggests this isn’t going to be a major event. Rather, this sounds like a press release sort of announcement. Apple has done that in the past with devices like the 16-inch MacBook Pro last year, and the second-generation AirPods saw a similar announcement in March of last year, too.

What’s interesting is that, back in November, reliable leaker “L0vetodream” tweeted out that Apple was going to give out a “Christmas surprise”. At the time, the leaker didn’t suggest which device(s) might be announced before the end of 2020, but there are definitely still some possibilities.

What’s left to announce

The rumor mill has been active this year, just as it is every year. There are still some products that have been rumored for quite some time now that haven’t been officially announced by Apple. So let’s take a quick recap.


Oh yes, AirTags. Is now the time? We’ve been hearing about Apple’s take on a Tile-like tracking device for so long now, it almost feels like a foregone conclusion that it’s a real product. We’re just waiting for Apple to get around to unveiling them. When Apple does do that, the AirTags will probably be small, round, and perfectly size to stick on a keyring, in a bag, or something similar to track that product. It will use Find My, and should be pretty handy for folks who like keeping things in the Apple ecosystem.

AirPods Studio

It’s been said that Apple has been working on some high-end headphones with an over-ear design for quite some time. And yet, nothing official. Apple launching the headphones during the holiday shopping season certainly makes sense. Of course, being priced at $349 (or higher) might be a rough sell with the pandemic still going on.

It’s worth noting that the iOS 14.3 beta appeared to confirm the design of the AirPods Studio last month, so the AirPods Studio might be a solid bet for a Christmas surprise.

Something else?

Apple could just be gearing up for another Apple Card promotion, just like it did last year. Who knows! But, with the AppleCare memo gearing towards new SKUs, product descriptions, and more, it does at least feel like a hardware reveal is right around the corner.

What are you hoping Apple announces next week?