Wander Shortcuts-based Odyssey jailbreak installer updated to v1.2.1

Odyssey jailbreak loyalists were excited to learn about the Wander Shortcuts extension when it launched just under three months ago. With it, Odyssey users could install and update their jailbreak on-device directly through Apple’s native Shortcuts app.

Following the news that the Odyssey jailbreak tool had been updated to version 1.2 early Friday morning with support for a newly released tfp0 exploit for iOS & iPadOS 13.5.1-13.7, Wander developer BurritoSoftware likewise launched an update for the popular Shortcuts extension, bringing it up to version 1.2.1:

As noted in the announcement Tweet, Wander v1.2.1 resolves a small cosmetic issue and removes the initial version check given that all versions of iOS & iPadOS 13 are now supported by the Odyssey jailbreak.

The latest version of Wander can be updated to via the Wander extension itself or by downloading it from the official RoutineHub web page.

If you’ve never used Wander before, and you’re interested in getting started with it now that the Odyssey jailbreak supports new versions of iPhone and iPad firmware, then you may follow the steps outlined in our tutorial to walk you through the process with as little frustration as possible.

Please note that you will still need a jailbreak installation method alongside Wander, whether it’s AltStore, ReProvision, or a signing service.

Have you updated to the latest version of Wander yet? Let us know down in the comments section below.