ProjectX lets jailbreakers colorize various apps’ user interfaces

Perhaps you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone or iPad and you’re looking to personalize your handset’s user interface more than you can out of the box. Or perhaps you’re happy with the user interface, but simply wish that you could use different colors than the ones Apple provides to you.

If either of the aforementioned circumstances sounds like it applies to you, then we think you’re going to enjoy a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed ProjectX by iOS developer Ethan Whited, as it can make colorizing the iOS or iPadOS user interface, regardless of the app, possible with just a few taps.

As shown in the screenshot examples above, ProjectX colorizes various aspects of an application’s user interface, including primary and secondary background colors, a tint color for buttons and selections, and primary and secondary label colors, among other things.

Once installed, users will find a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app where they can configure the tweak to their liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle ProjectX on or off on demand
  • Choose the apps that ProjectX will impact
  • Enable or disable a secondary background color
  • Choose your preferred color schemes for dark mode
  • Choose your preferred color schemes for light mode
  • Apply your settings to save them

When selecting your color schemes for dark and light mode independently of one another, users will have the following colorization choices:

  • Primary background color
  • Secondary background color
  • Tint color
  • Primary label color
  • Secondary label color

As you might come to expect from an AppList-driven tweak, the app selection interface is relatively straightforward. Simply tap on the “Select Apps” button and then toggle all the apps that you want to append these changes to.

Not everyone is in the market for aesthetic-driven modifications like those offered by ProjectX, and that’s both understandable and alright. The idea is that the option is there for any jailbreaker who might want to add some personalization to their device, and those who don’t can just keep on walking.

Those interested in giving ProjectX a try can purchase it for $1.00 from the Twickd repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices, but unfortunately doesn’t yet support iOS 14 at the time of this writing.

Do you plan to colorize any part of your pwned iPhone or iPad’s user interface with ProjectX? Let us know in the comments section down below.