How to receive typing feedback on iPhone and iPad

Typing Feedback Options on iPhone

Accessibility features on iPhone and iPad can be extremely helpful to those with hearing or vision impairments. And whether you need extra help for a short time or permanently, Apple gives you easy ways to enable and disable these features.

So if you or a family member are currently having an issue with vision, you can get extra help when  typing. With the Typing Feedback feature on iPhone and iPad, you can hear characters, words, and even the text predictions spoken to you as you type. If this feature is new to you and you want to try it out or set it up for a loved one to use, here’s how.

Set up Typing Feedback on iPhone and iPad

Since Typing Feedback is an accessibility feature, you’ll head to the Settings app on your device and pick Accessibility.

1) In Settings > Accessibility, select Spoken Content toward the top under Vision.

2) Tap Typing Feedback.

3) You can then enable the specific features for Typing Feedback that you want to use. You likely won’t want to enable them all because you’ll hear everything at once which can be more confusing than helpful.

Typing Feedback on iPhone

Here’s how each feature works.

Characters: Hear each character as you type it. This includes upper case letters.

Character Hints: Hear phonetics for the letters as you type them. For example, instead of hearing “A” and “B,” you’ll hear “Alpha” and “Bravo.”

If you enable either or both of the above Character features, you can set a delay for how quickly to hear the spoken characters or hints after you type them. Use the plus and minus buttons to set the number seconds for the delay.

Character Feedback Delay on iPhone

Speak Words: Hear an entire word spoken after you type it. You’ll hear the word after you hit the Space key or add punctuation.

Speak Auto-text: Hear the auto-corrections and automatic capitalizations as you enter your characters and words.

Hold to Speak Predictions: Hear the text predictions if you have them enabled. Tap and hold a prediction to hear it and then tap as you normally would to use one.

Adjust the speaking rate

If you use other spoken Accessibility features on iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably already checked out the Speaking Rate setting. But if not, it’s just a simple slider that changes how fast or slow the rate of speech is and effects the Typing Feedback too.

1) Tap the Back arrow if you’re still on the Typing Feedback screen above. If you’ve exited that area, you can get to the Speaking Rate by going to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content.

2) Under Speaking Rate, move the slider right (toward the hare) for faster or left (toward the tortoise)  for slower.

Accessibility Speaking Rate on iPhone

You may want to give it a try after you change the speaking rate to see if it fits your needs better. Use one of the other Spoken Content features or try out the Typing Feedback settings you enabled.

Wrapping it up

In addition to using Typing Feedback for a vision impairment, the feature is also useful if you have children who are still learning to read and write. So keep it in mind for yourself, a family member who requires, or your kids!

Are you going to give the Typing Feedback on iPhone or iPad a try? If so, let us know what you think of how well they work or what could be improved. You can comment below or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook!