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In this week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a helpful air quality client, a new workout app with an interactive twist, and a journal for helping you make decisions. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.

Air Lookout

There are a lot of reasons to monitor air quality—smoke from a large, nearby fire, high pollen count and increased pollution levels can all negatively impact your health. If that’s at all a concern to you, Air Lookout is here to help. It offers accurate data from E.P.A. reporting stations, actionable advice and beautiful widgets for intel at a glance.

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WorkoutMe —Inspiring Workouts

If you’ve been forced to workout at home and are lacking motivation, check out WorkoutMe. It gives you short, no pressure workouts in a new interactive format that pairs you with a partner that has similar goals. The idea here is that shorter workouts can help you build a habit and you’re more likely to push yourself with others cheering you on.

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Decision Journal

Decision Journal is exactly what it sounds like. It’s not some fancy, full-featured diary app; just a simple, no-frills solution for helping you make better decisions. Entries are tag-able and thus searchable, meaning you can log a decision you’re struggling with and schedule a time to come back and revisit it. Boring? Yes. Helpful? Maybe. Try it out and see.

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Fruit Ninja 2

Ready your blade, ninja. Of course we had to mention that the talented folks over at Halfbrick Studios have resurrected one of the biggest mobile titles of all time with Fruit Ninja 2. The new version gets a complete UI overhaul, new free and premium Season Pass campaigns, new blades and characters and of course the same old fruit-slicing fun.

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Space Marshals 3

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth this weekend, let me point you to another sequel of a hit game—Space Marshalls 3. Yes, the sci-fi western adventure title is back and the crew needs your help to hunt space crooks. Features include customizable load-out gear, tactical combat and the ability to plan and execute stealth attacks.

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