New video shows a quick hands-on with the MagSafe Duo wireless charger

We’ve known about the MagSafe Duo wireless charger for a bit of time now. But it wasn’t until today that we found out the accessory will launch “soon”.

Before that happens, though, there’s a video shared today on Twitter by user @DanielWhite242 that gives us a quick look at the Duo wireless charger out there in the wild. The video isn’t even a minute long in length, but the good news is that we get plenty to see in that short time frame. We see how the design will work, both in folding it in half and popping out the charging puck to charge an Apple Watch.

Here’s the video, embedded in the tweet:

It’s worth noting here that the MagSafe Duo is light. Really light. And thanks to the MagSafe design with those semi-powerful magnets, it’s easy to lift off a surface when you try to pull up your iPhone 12 or Apple Watch. That might be a little annoying for some potential users, but at least we get a quick video letting us know that’s the case before it goes on sale.

The weight and size might not be an issue for others, though. It’s obviously designed to be a portable charging solution, so keeping it small and lightweight is a good move.

When the MagSafe Duo¬†does go on sale, it will retail for $129. That’s the same price for the upcoming Leather Sleeve for the iPhone 12 lineup, too — which also goes on sale soon.