Apple removes the standalone Apple TV Remote app for iOS from the App Store

Apple has seemingly pulled its standalone Apple TV Remote app for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store. It appears that the software has actually been discontinued because 9to5Mac discovered that the company has removed all references to the app from its website.

The move will hardly inconvenience customers because the standalone app, which wasn’t bundled with iOS software updates and required a manual download, provides the same functionality as the Apple TV Remote feature in the Control Center has since iOS 12.

How to navigate Apple TV through Control Center on your iPhone

Both the standalone app and the Control Center item allow the user to navigate the entirety of the tvOS user interface without having to use a physical remote. The software also supports tilt-based gaming, media controls, multiple Apple TVs and so forth.

“The app is no longer available for download from the App Store and Apple has likely discontinued it, which means that it will no longer get any updates,” notes 9to5Mac. “A 9to5Mac reader told us that he contacted Apple support to ask about the app, but not even the support agent could explain what happened.”

Strangely enough, the iTunes Remote app is still available on the App Store. This one allows the user to remotely play songs and videos from their iTunes library on an Apple TV or Mac. In my personal opinion, it should also be pulled from the App Store because the way people manage their music and media has changed drastically in today’s streaming world.