“XCOM 2 Collection“ for iOS is now available to pre-order

Developer Feral Interactive announced today that “XCOM 2 Collection“ for iPhone and iPad is now available to pre-order on the App Store ahead of its November 5 launch.

This is the complete experience of “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen“ and four DLC packs in a single package with no in-app purchases whatsoever.

Here’s the blurb:

Lead the resistance in the full War of the Chosen experience, complete with four DLC packs – meticulously recreated for Commanders on the move and carefully tailored to make the most of your device’s touchscreen capabilities.

And here’s the teaser trailer.

Key features include:

  • Complete command: Delivers all the turn-based tactical challenges of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.
  • Engineered for iOS: Lead the Resistance using a touch-screen Command Interface designed for mobile.
  • Customize your squads: Customise each soldier’s look, loadout and abilities.
  • Every game a unique challenge: Direct your forces through a near-infinite combination of goals, missions and maps.
  • Includes four DLC packs: Access new missions, soldier types and enemies with XCOM 2’s DLC packs.

“XCOM 2 Collection“ is priced at $24.99 in the United States, £23.99 in the United Kingdom and €27,99 in the European Union.

You can pre-order “XCOM 2 Collection“ in the App Store today.

The game is supported from the iPhone 7 Plus onward. If you want to play “XCOM 2 Collection“ on your tablet, you must have at least a fifth-generation iPad mini, third-generation iPad Air, seventh-generation iPad or any iPad Pro except for the original model.

“XCOM 2 Collection“ is a demanding title, requiring iOS 13.1 or later. You will need at least 8.5GB of free space on your iPhone or iPad in order to install the game and all of its content. Developers recommend having at least 17GB of free space to avoid installation issues.

For further information, visit the official website.