‘AirPods Studio’ production reportedly hits ‘major hiccup’; AirTags may be unveiled in November

In September, we got some new iPad models. This month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 lineup and a new HomePod mini. Rumors say an event is coming in November, too.

But what might Apple unveil at such an event? Most of the focus has been on the company’s first Apple Silicon Mac, which may be a MacBook variant. But the event could also play host to a variety of other products that have been rumored for quite some time, but haven’t been announced yet.

Jon Prosser shared some thoughts on Twitter today, detailing some updates for the oft-rumored over-ear headphones, AirPods Studio, as well as the device tracking accessory, AirTags. The news for the premium headphones isn’t great, according to Prosser’s tweets, but things may be a bit brighter for AirTags.

AirPods Studio delayed?

While nothing is official by any means, including the headphones themselves, Apple may have run into an issue with production. According to Prosser, Apple has hit a “major hiccup” with the production of the AirPods Studio. Prosser adds that “a few key features have been cut”, but doesn’t go into any detail what those features might be. Finally, Prosser says the AirPods Studio over-hear headphones won’t be ready to go until at least December “AT BEST”.

If that is the case, it’s possible Apple could unveil the headphones at the event in November, and, just like two of the iPhone 12 models, launch the product in the following month. With a December launch Apple could get the headphones out into the wild within the holiday shopping period, which would be good all around.

AirTags, maybe finally ready

Things aren’t so negative for AirTags, the rumored accessory that will help Apple customers track devices. It’s a direct Tile competitor, something that Tile has taken umbrage with recently. But Apple hasn’t officially announced the product quite yet. Could we see them unveiled at November’s event?

Prosser says AirTags are ready to go, and have been for quite some time. He notes that the tracker is scheduled to launch alongside the public release of iOS 14.3, and that iOS 14.3 is set to launch sometime in November. Prosser says Apple is basically biding its time at this point.

As mentioned above, there is nothing official here. Apple hasn’t actually announced the AirPods Studio, which may retail starting at $349 and go up from there, nor the AirTags. As such, nothing is technically delayed for the consumer.

All we can do at this point is wait and see if Apple has more in store for us in November.