Sticky Widgets lets you place Mac-like sticky notes on your iOS 14 home screen

I think we can all agree that widgets have become the most popular new feature of iOS 14. And if the sheer breadth and creativity of the best iPhone widgets are an indication, this trend shall continue. If you’re a fan of Apple’s Stickies app that lets you put Post-it note-like notes on your Mac desktop, you’re absolutely going to love Sticky Widgets for iOS.

Developed by iOS programmer and Penant app creator Tyler Hillsman, Sticky Widgets is a free, lightweight software that makes it easy to put Stickies-like notes on the Home screen of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To get an idea of how it works, check out the video that I’ve embedded right ahead which Hillsman tweeted out (via The Loop’s Dave Mark).

MacStories notes the app’s simplicity and utility being available right from the Home screen:

You can have a single widget that stays in the same place on your Home screen. Whenever you need to change its text, just tap the widget, type away and your widget’s been updated with the new text. You don’t need to worry about writing too much or too little text for the widget to display either because whether you’re using a small, medium or large widget, text will automatically resize to best fit the widget space.

This is definitely an awesome app for quick notes.

According to the app’s release notes, “there’s a lot more coming soon” to Sticky Widgets so you can expect this app to evolve and introduce new features over time.

Sticky Widgets is a free download from the App Store.