AnyFix fixes 100+ system problems to ensure a smooth upgrade to iOS 14 [sponsored]

Are you thinking about installing iOS 14? If so, you’re probably aware that many power users avoid installing first versions of Apple’s major software updates. As these initial iOS releases may contain many unfixed bugs, they inevitably tend to cause all sorts of issues for customers. With an app called AnyFix by iMobie, you can fix more than 130 common iOS system errors to ensure that your iOS 14 upgrade experience is as smooth as a butter.

Three repair modes

You have three repair modes at your disposal: Standard, Advanced and Ultimate. In standard mode, all device data is retained and nothing gets deleted. This mode supports common system problems such as device stuck on Apple logo, device won’t charge or turn on, problems connecting to Wi-Fi and so forth. It requires 800 megabytes of free storage on the device.

The more complex issues can be resolved in Advanced mode. And lastly, the Ultimate repair mode was designed to solve the most comprehensive iOS system issues. Both Advanced and Ultimate modes will wipe clean all device data so keep that in mind.

You can also use the app to reset your iOS device in two ways and fix common iTunes sync issues. Speaking of iTunes, AniFix includes another interesting feature which allows you to enter or exit Recovery mode on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with just one click.

How to fix common iOS issues with AnyFix

To get started, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac or Windows PC with the cable that came with it. After that, open AnyFix on your computer. Click System Repair to continue. The app should detect the connected iOS device and display its name in the interface. Click the Start Now button, then choose which repair mode you’d like to use.

Make yourself a cup of coffee while the app goes to work. It’s important to note that AnyFix does not fix any potential hardware issues with your device. Also, after repair your device will update to the latest supported version of iOS.

One-click iOS downgrade

Now, some people may postpone upgrading to iOS 14 because they’re not sure they’re going to like the operating system update. AnyFix can help with that, too. The app provides an option to upgrade or downgrade an iOS device to any version of the operating system (as long as it’s stil being signed by Apple), including beta versions.

This is especially convenient if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 14 only to realize that you’d rather roll back to the previous version. In that case, you can use AnyFix’s hassle-free downgrade feature that will downgrade your iOS version with a single click.

Wrapping it up

And last but not least, iMobie is behind another very useful app, PhoneRescue, that can help you get back lost data which can happen after applying a major iOS software update. With it, you can recover deleted iPhone photos, messages, playlists and more, as well as your call history, app data and so forth.

Scheduling regular backups of your devices is essential in case of a disastrous event. You don’t want to lose those precious photos, memorable videos or important documents. But should it ever happen, PhoneRescue will help you get your lost data back.

Pricing and availability

AnyFix by iMobie can be downloaded from the iMobie website.

The app is available for Mac and Windows computers. After you download and try the free version, you can purchase a one-year of lifetime license to get unlimited access to all the pro features, in addition to free upgrades and 24/7 free customer support.

PhoneRescue is also available from the iMobie website.