Fantastical 3.2 brings twelve fully customizable iOS 14 widgets and Scribble support on the iPad

Fantastical maker Flexibits today launched an iOS 14-focused update to its productivity calendar and to-do app for iOS, watchOS and macOS, bringing a dozen of customizable, and free, iOS 14 widgets as well as support for Apple’s Scribble feature in iPadOS 14 that lets you write into Fantastical’s text field with an Apple Pencil.

The update brings twelve native Fantastical widgets to your iPhone, iPad and Mac, Like other iOS 14 widgets, Fantastical’s are provided in multiple sizes. Small widgets are limited to displaying the date or the next upcoming event or task. Medium-sized ones show a bit more information or side-by-side monthly calendars. And lastly, large widgets provide an in-depth agenda at the expense of screen space.

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Fantastical widgets also include weather, meaning a single widget can show your date, events, tasks and weather. Thanks to these interactive widgets, customers can now customize the exact views of Fantastical they want on their home screen.

Watch the new widgets in action in Fantastical’s promotional video, embedded ahead.

Fantastical 3.2 also adds Scribble support for iPad.

Scribble lets you use an Apple Pencil to write into text fieldsx, with Apple’s handwriting recognition instantly turning your writing into typed text. You can write all sorts of things with your Pencil, such as event, task and note information.

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And with Fantastical’s advanced natural language parser, the app will instantly convert your writing into an actual event or task. For instance, if you write something along the lines of “Lunch with Seb at 123 Main Street on Friday,” the app will instantly convert that sentence into an event and add it to your calendar.

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The update will roll out later today. All 12 Fantastical widgets will be free for all users although advanced widget features, such as conference call detection/joining and calendar sets, require a Fantastical Premium subscription.

Fantastical for the iOS, watchOS and iMessage is available in the App Store.

Fantastical for macOS is available on the Mac App Store.