Command, Wins, Dawn, and other apps to check out

Apps of the week

In this week’s Apps of the Week column we have a new mobile browser with a focus on…focus, an app for keeping track of all your big and small wins, and a minimal calendar with widgets. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.

Command: A Better Browser

It’s been a long time since we’ve featured a new web browser on this column, so I figured what the heck. Command stuck out to me for its focus and organizational features. You can highlight text, take notes, organize tabs with spaces, and dig deeper in your search history with DeepSearch.

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Wins is an app that—you guessed it—helps you celebrate all of the ‘wins’ in your life. It can be big or small, health-related or work-related. Really just anything positive. And you can categorize your wins, and take notes about them, so you can keep track of your accomplishments over time.

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Dawn – Minimal Calendar

Dawn is a minimal calendar app with a number of features that helps you stay on top of things. We actually mentioned it in this column a few years back, and with this big 2.0 update, we had to come back to it. The biggest new feature of the update is iOS 14 widget compatibility. There’s 7.

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Soul Chase

Do you miss the challenge of retro action games? Miss shouting at the screen when you lose to the same boss for the 20th time? Then Soul Chase might be for you. It features 42 challenging stages spread across 6 chapters, 8 epic boss fights, built-in timer for speed runners, and iCloud saves.

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Zen Games: Color Blocks Puzzle

At first glance this looks like another color blocks puzzler, but then you realize that there’s no timer, scoreboard or leaderboard. Seriously. There are over 100 levels of increasing difficulty, but…you don’t really get anything for beating them. Just happy music, soothing colors, find your zen.

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