Apple September 15 “Time Flies” event wallpapers

With that long-anticipated Apple event now finally official, it’s time (pun intended) for a new set of walls in our Wallpapers of the Week series, inspired by Apple’s invitation graphics.

“Time Flies” wallpapers

These new walls are available in sizes optimized not just for both new and older iPhone models, but also for your iPads and Macs. If you’d like the world to see that you’re excited about the upcoming event, or maybe you’d like to confuse a friend with that intertwined logo, these will make a nice addition to your Lock and Home screens, as well as desktops.

A special shoutout goes to our regular contributor @AR72014 for coming up with these wallpapers so quickly after the announcement.

Click or tap the thumbnail to get to the full-resolution image, then save it locally to your device so you can set it as your wallpaper in Settings → Wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad or in System Preferences → Desktop & Screen Saver on your Mac.

iPhone X and up: Light Mode
iPhone X and up: Dark Mode
All other iPhones: Light Mode
All other iPhones: Dark Mode
All iPads: Light Mode
All iPads: Dark Mode
Desktop: Light Mode
Desktop: Dark Mode

Apple event AR fun

Apple today announced it’s scheduled an online media event at 10am PT, 1:00pm ET on Tuesday, September 15. The “Time Flies” event tagline (as well as credible sources such as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman) indicate have strongly indicated that the company’s upcoming virtual presentation will center around tablets and watch, not phones.

The Apple Events page lets you play with animated graphics shifting from the Apple logo to “9.15” (representing the September 15 date) and back, in augmenter reality. You can try it out yourself right now: simply point your iPhone or iPad browser at, then tap the event logo to bring up the embedded augmented reality experience.