iPhone 12 rumored to come in a dark blue color option

Last year, when Apple introduced the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it also introduced a new “Midnight Green” color option. Now, rumors suggest we’ll get another new color this year as well.

DigiTimes reports today that Apple is going to introduce a new iPhone color this year. It’s almost a throwaway line in a larger story, but the rumor is there. According to the publication, Apple will introduce a new “dark blue” color option this year. Of course, the standard upgrades and improvements will also be present when the new phones launch.

In addition to adding a dark blue model, for the first time, into the ‌iPhone‌ family products, Apple also brings a number of specification upgrades to new iPhones, including camera modules, displays and communications modules.

There isn’t much else to go on here, unfortunately. It is interesting that the report doesn’t specifically call out the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. There have been rumors that the iPhone 12 could see a light blue option — just like the iPhone XR. However, this new dark blue option is probably reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro lineup.

Last year, with the introduction of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, Apple introduced the Midnight Green color option. So it’s certainly possible we could get another color this year. However, it’s also possible that Apple may drop the green hue from the lineup as a result.

At least, that’s the expectation from a report earlier this year. If you’ll recall, Max Weinbach reported that a new iPhone 12 model would introduce a “Navy Blue” color option. And, at the time, suggested the new color would replace Midnight Green in the lineup.

As far as the iPhone 12, though, there will reportedly be several colors to choose from. The rumor mill has suggested we could see white, black, and (PRODUCT)RED for sure. We could also get purple (violet), blue, yellow, and green. As usual, Apple is using the slightly less expensive (and not “Pro”) model to showcase a brighter color palette.

The navy blue option could be a nice way to boost sales, just like the Midnight Green one did last year. And for folks who want the new color option, that could mean a pre-order is a requirement to secure a device on launch day.

if Apple does launch a dark blue color for the iPhone 12 Pro, will that be your model of choice?