ProCamera update adds powerful exposure bracketing enhancements, other new features

ProCamera, a professional iPhone app that caters to enthusiasts, creatives and pros, has received a significant update today that brings exposure bracketing features.

Exposure bracketing is a photography technique where you take three or more images instead of a single shot. Each image is exposed slightly differently and, typically, one is correctly exposed, one slightly underexposed and one slightly overexposed.

Aside from manual exposure bracketing, ProCamera 13.6 also brings other advancements, including low-light HDR improvements, zebra stripes, long exposure bracketing for tripod and Portugues (Brazilian) + Czech localizations.

In terms of the filters, this update brings several new food photo filters, including free colors filters, as well as new app icon designs.

Here’s everything new in this summer update for ProCamera:

  • Zebra stripes: New over/under exposure warning guide to check for highlight and/or shadow clipping. The striped patterns indicate which areas of the current scene are affected by over-/underexposure. Once activated via the Focus and Exposure settings, the visual aid is displayed when adjusting the exposure using the dials.
  • Manual exposure bracketing in HDR mode: The manual exposure bracketing of our HDR mode now captures up to seven individual exposures to create one brilliant HDR image.
  • Low-light HDR improvements: Our special LowLight HDR mode now captures up to ten long exposure photos for a vibrant, noise-reduced final image. Once you own vividHDR and LowLight Plus, the special LowLight HDR feature will be unlocked and can be activated via Control Panel in HDR mode.
  • Low-light HDR on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: LowLight HDR is now available on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro for all customers that own vividHDR.
  • Long exposure bracketing: The EB feature (ProCamera Up exclusive) is now also available in our LowLight mode. It makes use of the maximum exposure time of your device and limits ISO to a minimum. Naturally, this mode requires the use of a tripod.

ProCamera for iOS is available on the App Store.