New iPad models and the Apple Watch Series 6 show up in new Eurasian Commission filings

Not too long from now, Apple is going to announce new devices. While the majority of the attention will be on the iPhone 12 lineup, there will probably be more to enjoy.

If the latest filings from the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) is anything to go by, we have quite a bit to look forward to (via Consomac). The documentation reveals that Apple is gearing up to launch new iPad models at some point in the future. In addition to that, the Apple Watch Series 6 also made an appearance. As is par for the course, the EEC filings don’t give us any specific details. However, they do list Apple-branded “wearables” and “tablets”.

These filings are a requirement for Apple (and other companies) to launch new hardware. So this is a good indicator of what’s coming down the pipe. With that being said, there’s no way of tellingĀ when these new devices will actually see the light of day. This is a clear sign that new products are coming, yes, but it’s not a confirmation of a launch date, unfortunately.

Still, it’s likely these new filings are for products that may launch as soon as next month.

Here are the new Apple Watch models listed in the latest EEC filings:

  • A2291
  • A2292
  • A2351
  • A2352
  • A2375
  • A2376
  • A2355
  • A2356

There are new iPad models listed in the new EEC filings as well. Here are those new model numbers:

  • A2270
  • A2072
  • A2316
  • A2324
  • A2325
  • A2428
  • A2429

As far as what’s expected for new iPad models, there has been speculation of a new, redesigned 10.8-inch iPad option. That could fall under the standard iPad brand, or it may be a new iPad Air — the rumor mill can’t quite decide. Meanwhile, another new iPad mini may be on the way as well, this one with a larger 8.5-inch display.

Would you be interested in a slightly larger iPad mini?