Don’t be fooled — Epic vs. Apple is all about the money and selfish corporate interests

Epic Games is rallying against Apple on social media with its #FreeFortnite hashtag after it left both Apple and Google no choice but to remove “Fortnite” from their respective app stores.

Epic went even further, writing in its complaint that “Apple has become what it once railed against: the behemoth seeking to control markets, block competition and stifle innovation”.

Now, that’s quite rich coming from a company that runs its own games store and earns billions of dollars by selling virtual goods to “Fortnite” players. Don’t be fooled, however, this is all about the money and selfish corporate interests rather than ethical principles.

Here’s Jim Sterling‘s YouTube take:

Here’s the key quote:

Screw the lot of them. Yes, Apple and Google need taking down from their high towers. Yes, Epic Games has a point as it sues to keep ‘Fortnite’ on mobile devices. But absolutely all of them are as bad as each other.

Epic Games is currently trying to mobilize fans into an embarrassing sort of freedom force. The company deliberately broke terms of service with Apple in order to manipulate a situation in which ‘Fortnite’ is removed from the App Store and Epic positions itself as a rebel icon.

‘Fortnite’ started trying to see virtual currency directly, ignoring the mandatory payment processes that give Apple and Google their cuts on iOS and Android. It’s a gigantic fight over money that Epic has more or less staged, and while Apple and Google take huge cuts from developers, there is no way Epic should be seen as a hero – especially with the tasteless way in which it’s performing said “heroics.”

I’ve been thinking how to best frame this fight that Epic started since they introduced a direct payment option in “Fortnite” five days ago, but now I definitely know I couldn’t said it better than those three on-point paragraphs from Sterling’s video.

What’s your stance about this public brawl between Apple and Epic Games?

And speaking of it, is Sterling’s a fair take do you think?

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