A battery for an unannounced MacBook has surfaced in regulatory filings

Apple last updated the MacBook Air lineup in March of this year, but a new regulatory filing suggests that a new model could be on the way.

A contributor for MySmartPrice noticed that a new battery showed up in certification filings with the China Certification Corporation and UL Demko, hinting that Apple has a new, unannounced MacBook or MacBook Air on the way. As noted in the tweet, the size of the battery –measuring in at 4380mAh and 49.9Wh– is too big for an iPhone, which seems to suggest a new Mac portable is indeed on the way.

Interestingly, the current MacBook Air’s 49.9Wh battery isn’t any different than this new battery, at least in that regard. However, the current model number is set at A1965, while this new battery is associated with a model number of A2389.

When will a new MacBook Air launch?

There is currently no word on when we might expect to see a new MacBook Air. These types of regulatory filings can crop up months ahead of a planned launch, which means we could still be a ways away from seeing new hardware. However, it has been suggested in the past that Apple could introduce the first Apple silicon in a MacBook Air later this year, or the company could revive the MacBook, too.

Indeed, there is quite a bit of speculation that Apple will introduce a MacBook Air with an ARM-based processor under the hood before the end of 2020. That could make launching a new model so soon after the initial revamp earlier this year easier to swallow for folks who purchased the reworked MacBook Air. Especially those who might not be ready to switch to Apple silicon so soon after its initial debut.

But nothing is confirmed just yet, and this battery filing is just a hint that new hardware is on the way.

If Apple does launch a new MacBook or MacBook Air with its own silicon under the hood, do you plan on buying one at launch?