Apple expands iPhone repair services to more countries with additional options for customers

Apple made an announcement this morning that it’s expanding its iPhone repair services to “hundreds of new locations” across the United States, while also opening the Independent Repair Provider Program to independent repair shops across Europe and Canada.

New options for customers

Apple customers can now have their gear repaired by more authorized companies using genuine parts. To date, over 140 independent repair companies have joined this initiative, with more than 700 new locations in the United States alone, including uBreakiFix.

More information about this initiative is available at

Moreover, the company is widening availability of the Independent Repair Provider Program by opening it to independent repair shops in 32 countries across Europe and Canada. The Cupertino tech giant currently has over 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers around the world (Best Buy stores joined last year). To find a location, visit

Jeff Williams, Apple’s op-chief:

We are thrilled to expand our independent repair program to more locations across the US and to businesses across Europe and Canada. When a customer needs a repair, we want them to have a range of options that not only suits their needs but also guarantees safety and quality so their iPhone can be used for as long as possible.

Last August, the company began permitting independent repair shops to fix out-of-warranty iPhones using official parts, a major change from its previous practice. As it turns out, the Cupertino company does not make any profits from repair services.

You can verify that a company participates in the program on Apple’s website.

Where do you repair your iPhones?

As someone who has been burned in the past one too many times by putting my trust into smaller repair shops that are not authorized by Apple and use questionable parts, I’m now exclusively entrusting Apple-sanctioned companies to fix my broken iPhone, iPads and Macs.

And how about you?

When it comes to iPhone repairs —  whether it be fixing a smashed screen, replacing your worn-out battery or something more complex than than — do you usually turn to your local electronics retailer that offers those kinds of services or to an Apple-sanctioned repair shop?

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