Apple now permits independent repair shops to fix out-of-warranty iPhones using official parts

In another change designed to boost its services revenue, Apple today unveiled a new program that permits independent repair shops to service out-of-warranty iPhones using the same official genuine parts and other resources as its Authorized Service Providers.

Aa first noted by 9to5Mac, the iPhone maker is now trialing a new Independent Repair Provider Program at twenty stores across North America, Europe and Asia. The Independent Repair Provider Program also launched today in the United States.

Apple says the program targets the most common out-of-warranty repairs. This presumably includes repairs such as cracked screen replacements or back glass replacements.

Before this change, unofficial repair shops of course used unofficial parts to conduct unofficial repairs, usually using components purchased from the grey market that most often than not don’t offer the same level of quality as their pricier but Apple-genuine counterparts.

Apple is inviting interested independent shops to apply for free.

To qualify, the business will need to train its employees to become Apple-certified technicians. Again, Apple will offer this online training for free. If a company accepted into the program, they will have access to Apple parts and tooling at the same cost as Apple authorized resellers.

Apple has been improving how it handles repairs.

In June, for example, the Cupertino tech giant reached a deal with the Best Buy stores in the United States to provide expert service and repairs for Apple products.