Apple is surveying iPhone owners about the charger in the box ahead of iPhone 12 launch

As we move inexorably closer to the impending launch of new iPhones, there are a lot of rumors regarding what Apple might not include in the box. This year, that could be the free pair of EarPods and even the USB wall charger used for charging the iPhone.

However, while a consensus certainly feels just about formed on the matter (as far as the rumors are concerned), there is still a chance that even if Apple is some day planning on removing the charger, it might not happen this year. But the rumor mill is definitely painting a picture right now, and it has some people up-in-arms that Apple could even consider ditching the charger in the iPhone 12‘s box.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is currently sending out surveys to iPhone users. The question? What iPhone users did with the old wall charger once they, theoretically, replaced it with the new one they got with their newer iPhone. The survey is focused on customers who recently bought an iPhone, and is specifically trying to figure out what happened to the old wall charger they had been using now that they got a new one.

The USB charger is used for charging using a wall outlet. You can plug the charger into an iPhone with a separate charging cable.

Here are the options that Apple includes with the survey, each one being a selection the iPhone user and survey taker can choose:

  • I sold or traded it with my iPhone
  • I lost it
  • I gave it to a family member or friend
  • I still use it at home
  • I still use it outside (at work, school, or other places)
  • I still have it, but I don’t use it

And here’s a Twitter user who took a screenshot of the survey:

The fact that Apple is conducting this survey right now certainly doesn’t feel like a coincidence. But, with only a couple of months before Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone lineup, it seems like it’s too late for the company to change its mind on the matter.

Where do you stand on the idea? Do you think it’s about time Apple removed the charger from the iPhone’s box? Or do you think this is a greedy move, and Apple should keep the accessory?