Safari is adding Face ID and Touch ID support to bypass passwords with new API

While Apple has introduced private and secure means to store usernames and passwords, implementing them can still be a bit of a chore. So Apple has a new idea to bypass those entry fields with Safari 14.

The current beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 includes a corresponding beta for the latest version of Safari. With it, Apple is introducing a new API that will allow developers the means to utilize either Face ID or Touch ID, Apple’s two biometric security measures, to bypass entering usernames and passwords while using the web browser. Th work is based on the FIDO standard as well, adding another layer of security.

Apple details the new effort in a talk lat this year’s all-online Worldwide Developers Conference entitled “Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web“, and describes the new feature as such:

Face ID and Touch ID provide a frictionless experience when logging in — and now you can use them on your websites in Safari with the Web Authentication API. Discover how to add this convenient and secure login alternative to your website.

This will make it a lot easier to log into apps and services while browsing the web. It should be a welcomed addition for users, so long as developers take advantage of the new Web Authentication API.