Pixelmator Photo 1.3 brings contextual menus and other improvements to productivity

The Pixelmator team today launched Pixelmator Photo 1.3, an enhanced version of its beautiful photo editor for the Pad, which includes several important productivity improvements.

The app now responds to the long-tap gesture or right-click mouse/trackpad action by rendering the shortcuts menu with handy commands. You can also personalize the app by choosing a custom accent color for buttons and other interface elements.

Another cool perk is the ability to create and customize color adjustment preset collections. If you use Pixelmator Photo to perform the same operations on a set of photos, you’ll love batch editing improvements bringing quick actions, improved workflow editing and more.

For further details about this update, visit the Pixelmator Photo website.

Pixelmator Photo now features handy shortcuts menus
Improved batch editing in Pixelmator Photo 1.3
You can adjust the accent color to make the app your own
Preset management in Pixelmator Photo 1.3

Here’s everything new, improved and fixed in Pixelmator Photo 1.3 for iPad:

  • Handy new shortcut menus all around the app let you do lots of useful things a lot more quickly. For example, you can now share, duplicate and revert photos, as well as copy and paste adjustments and more simply by tapping a holding a photo in the Photos browser.
  • Customize the color of buttons in Pixelmator Photo by choosing an accent color.
  • Redesigned color adjustment preset management brings the ability to create and customize, rearrange and even remove adjustment preset collections.
  • Enjoy a much quicker way to batch edit photos with your workflows by setting workflows as favorites and applying them right in the Photos browser.
  • Find your favorite batch editing workflows in the new shortcut menus in the Photos browser.
  • Quickly import images as Pixelmator Photo files to the Files browser using the new Import to Files workflow.
  • Create custom crop ratios using up to four digits.
  • Use the new shortcut menus to rename and delete crop presets.
  • Rearrange crop presets by dragging and dropping them to a new location.
  • You can now stop the automatic creation of a Pixelmator Photo album in the Photos app.
  • Enjoy a number of additional keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can now turn off snapping while cropping.
  • When downloading Pixelmator Photo edits from iCloud, a progress indicator will now be shown.
  • A progress indicator will also appear when downloading images from iCloud during batch editing.
  • A preset in the Recents collection will no longer be created when edits aren’t saved.
  • The touchable area of sliders has been increased to make them easier to drag.
  • When renaming things, the text will be automatically selected so you can start typing to replace it.
  • The thumbnails of albums in your Photos library should now load more quickly.
  • You can now turn off Overwrite Originals when editing in the Files browser, which will automatically create Pixelmator Photo files to save the photos you edit.
  • The Overwrite Originals setting is now separate for the Photos and Files browsers.
  • When moving the color wheel controls of the Color Balance adjustment, they would jump. Fixed.
  • The thumbnails of the All Photos and Recents albums would not be updated after changes to those albums. Fixed.
  • Attempting to run batch workflows would not work on multiple images with the same name. Fixed.
  • Attempting to share multiple images with the same name would not work. Fixed.
  • The button to go back to an album in the Photos browser would sometimes not appear. Fixed.
  • The appearance of very wide or tall crop aspect ratios was incorrect. Fixed.
  • The animation displayed when dismissing images was incorrect when dismissing a photo after deleting another photo. Fixed.
  • Attempting to crop images to very wide or tall ratios would cause Pixelmator Photo to stop responding. Fixed.

The update is provided at no charge to all existing users of the app.

The iPad-only Pixelmator Photo app is $5 in the App Store.