How to find and use hidden fonts in macOS Catalina

Mac Font Book All Fonts Graphik

Having extra fonts available on your Mac is awesome. You might be composing a document that you want to have a special look. Or maybe you like using unique font styles for taking notes. Whatever the case may be, you can certainly find fonts on the internet and install them, which is super easy. But you might not realize that your Mac has cool fonts tucked away that you can use.

With macOS Catalina came many font families like Canela, Graphik, and Mukta, and individual fonts like Hei, Kai, and SimSong Regular. While the names may or may not be familiar to you, you can not only take a look at these hidden font styles but use them!

Here’s how to find, download, and use these, and more, hidden fonts on macOS Catalina.

The Mac Font Book

If you’ve installed fonts of your own, then you’re already with the Font Book on Mac. But if not, this is where you can find those new fonts available on macOS Catalina.

1) Open your Applications folder from the icon in your Dock or with Finder open, Go > Applications from the menu bar.

2) You’ll see Font Book, so go ahead and open it.

3) On the left, pick All Fonts.

4) All fonts available to you are listed. Those that are grayed-out, just need to be downloaded so that you can use them. This will likely include some of those mentioned above for macOS Catalina.

Mac Font Book Download Hidden Font

Click to select a font and you’ll see a preview of it all the way to the right. If you want the font, click the Download button and then confirm.

Once the font is downloaded and installed and will no longer be grayed-out which means it’s available for you to use.

Mac Font Book Installed Hidden Font

Accessing the fonts

Once you install a new font, you can find it from the menu bar for most apps. Click Format > Font > Show Fonts. You can scroll down to and pick the font you want to use or pop the name into the search box to speed up the process.

Select your font Family, Typeface, and Size, and you’re ready to use it.

Mac Font Book Use Hidden Font

As Ralf Herrmann from Typography.Guru mentions, these new fonts come from:

…type foundries such as Commercial Type, Klim Type Foundry and Mark Simonson Studio…

For a complete list of Mac fonts, including all of those you can download and install, check out Apple’s full list of macOS Catalina fonts.

Wrapping it up

If you get tired of the same old Ariel or Times New Roman font styles on your Mac and want to try something new without scouring the internet, take a look at these hidden fonts.

Are you going to check them out? If so, let us know which fonts you like to use!