Apple Music ‘Made For You’ playlists get updated artwork

With this year’s all-online Worldwide Developers Conference set to start next week, Apple has decided to give the artwork a little refresh in the “Made For You” section of Apple Music.

Update (06/19/2020):¬†Apple has updated the “Friends Mix” and “Favorites Mix” with the update playlist cover art as well. Now all of the user-specific¬†playlists within the “For You” section should boast the new artwork.

The original article continues below.

As first noted by¬†9to5Mac, the Apple Music team has updated the general cover artwork for the playlists found in the Made For You section. This includes the “Chill Mix”, the “Get Up!” playlist, and the “New Music” playlist. You can see the new artwork in the image at the top of this article. These might not look all that different at first glance, mostly because it’s still just a block of color, but Apple Music has tweaked the design a bit.

The previous playlist artwork was just a subtle gradient color block. This new option, however, is more colorful and, well, artistic.

Apple Music subscribers won’t see a change in two of the available playlists (at the time of publication), though. The “Friends Mix” is still the gradient block of color, while the “Favorites Mix” is the same. The new colored album artworks are far more eye-catching.

If you don’t see the new artwork in the albums in the Made For You section, it appears the change is rolling out now so it may take some time before they pop into existence. Try closing out of the app and opening it up again.

What do you think of the new artwork? What are you hoping to see from changes with Apple Music at WWDC next week?