Apple updates App Store Connect with a more mobile-friendly design

Quietly, Apple has decided to update the App Store Connect web interface to make it all a bit more mobile-friendly.

Apple made the change on Tuesday, revamping the resource’s online portal with a more responsive design. The new interface should make it easier to navigate for developers that want to manage their apps. The new interface will adapt based on which device you’re experiencing it on, including the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Of course, the dedicated app is still an option for developers, but this update makes it more serviceable across devices while visiting the resource on the web.

The web portal should be faster than it used to be, which should be a welcomed change for developers accessing the resource. Plus, the new look alone should be worth checking it out now.

You can see what the new design looks like in the screen capture at the top of this article.

If you’re a developer, what do you think of the change?