Apple Stores in Northern Ireland and England to reopen on June 15

Apple is reopening stores across the globe, following initial shutdowns in light of the global coronavirus pandemic. Now England and Northern Ireland are on the list.

As reported by The Independent recently, Apple has confirmed it will be reopening its retail stores in the United Kingdom beginning Monday, June 15. That means 32 storefronts will have their doors open again in England, while the single store in Northern Ireland will open on the same day. Meanwhile, the five stores across Scotland and Wales will reopen at a later date, once regional restrictions allow it.

The shopping experience will roughly be the same, but Apple will have safety precautions in place as well. Social distancing will still be a requirement while navigating within a store, and there will only be a limited number of customers allowed inside at any given time. There will be temperature checks before heading inside, and there will be more rigorous cleaning procedures in place.

Here’s Apple’s full statement on the matter:

We’re excited to begin welcoming visitors back to our stores in England and Northern Ireland on Monday. We’ve missed our customers and look forward to offering our support.

With many working and learning from home we look forward to providing the service and support they need, whether that be picking up a new product or getting help with one they already own. Our newly reopened stores have significant safety procedures including temperature checks, social distancing and face coverings to ensure customers and employees continue to stay healthy. Our social distance protocol means a limited number of visitors in the store at one time so there may be a delay for walk-in customers. For more ways to shop and additional information on these new guidelines and store hours, please visit

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19 and those working around the clock to treat, study and contain its spread.

At this point, Apple has reopened more than 300 retail stores across the globe. While many regions have retail stores now available for customers, even with safety restrictions in place, some areas are still waiting. Apple is determining which stores are capable of reopening based on local information regarding COVID-19, including short- and long-term trends.

Is your local Apple Store open? If so, have you tried the in-store shopping experience? Let us know in the comments!