iOS 14 will offer full Apple Pencil support on websites and built-in translator in Safari

Apple is going to show off iOS 14 later this month at its all-digital Worldwide Developers Conference, but today we have another feature addition coming to the new software ahead of the announcement.

According to an early build of iOS 14 that 9to5Mac was able to get ahold of, Safari is going to add a couple of new features to the mix. The first, a built-in translator, and the other full Apple Pencil support for websites while using Apple’s stock web browsing app.

First, translation. The report indicates that Apple is planning to include a built-in translation feature in Safari, reducing the need for a third-party app or service to handle the same task. Automatic translation will be available for iOS 14 users as well:

The translation feature is likely to be available as an individual option for each website, but users will be able to use automatic translations as well. Safari will detect the language to translate the content correctly. There’s also the possibility to switch between the original and translated text without reloading the page.

Interestingly, the report adds that Apple is going to go beyond Safari as well, bringing the translation feature to other apps, including the App Store. So if an app’s description, or user reviews are in a different language the software will automatically translate it as needed.

The feature will reportedly work without an internet connection, as the Neural Engine baked into iOS devices will handle the translation feature locally. What’s more, there wouldn’t be any additional data sent to Apple. Siri translations will use the Neural Engine in the future as well.

One more element to iOS 14 includes full Apple Pencil support while using Safari:

9to5Mac has also learned that iPadOS 14 might include full support for Apple Pencil input on websites, making it compatible not only to scroll and touch but also to draw and markup with all its capabilities in Safari and other browsers.

Both of these new additions will probably be welcomed by iOS users, especially that translation feature. But nothing is set in stone, even if this is based on an early version of the mobile operating system. Things can change ahead of the unveiling of iOS 14 later this month, and certainly long before the official launch of the platform later this year to the public.

In related Apple Pencil news, a rumor from earlier today says we will see a new version of the stylus in black at some point in the future.

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