This tweak permits iPhone display brightness adjustments via the volume buttons

It’s easy to change your iPhone’s volume level thanks to a duo of omnipresent volume buttons on the edge of your display. But when your iPhone’s display is too bright or dim, users are compelled to navigate touch interfaces like Control Center, which can sometimes be a challenge if the display is too dim to perceive during the brighter hours of the day.

If you ever wished that changing your iPhone’s display brightness could be as effortless as adjusting the volume, then you’ll welcome a new and free jailbreak tweak called VolumeBrightness by iOS developer Gilshahar7, as it fundamentally lets you toggle between display brightness and volume mode when using your handset’s volume buttons.

Once installed, you can press both the volume up and volume down buttons once simultaneously to switch to display brightness adjustment mode. Upon doing so, you can then press the volume up or down buttons to regulate your iPhone’s display brightness. After a configurable timeout period, the volume buttons’ function will automatically revert to volume mode until you press both buttons again.

As you adjust your iPhone’s display brightness in this way, the HUD above appears on the screen to let you know what brightness threshold your handset’s display is at. In a way, it reminds us of iOS’ older volume HUD, and while we wish it looked more like iOS 13’s modern volume HUD, it’s still nice to have a visual.

As you might come to expect, VolumeBrightness adds a few options that you can configure to the Settings app:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle VolumeBrightness on or off on demand
  • Enable or disable the display brightness HUD
  • Allow haptic feedback when adjusting your display brightness
  • Configure the timeout period after which the volume buttons return to volume mode

Since I’ve personally been plagued by the inability to see my dim display on a bright-hot sunny day in Florida, I can relate to a situation where this tweak would be useful, as I’m sure many of you can. If you’d like to give VolumeBrightness a try for yourself, then you can download it for free from the Packix repository. The tweak works with jailbroken iOS 13 devices and its source code is readily accessible on the developer’s GitHub page.

Will you be using VolumeBrightness to improve your accessibility of iOS’ display brightness settings? Let us know in the comments.