Google rolling out Dark Mode support in its dedicated Search app

Goole recently began making Dark Mode support in Gmail for iPhone and iPad available to more people following a very limited roll-out that kicked off last year, and now the company is on the verge of launching Dark Mode support in its dedicated Search app for iOS and Android.

As many of you are aware, Apple has implemented system-wide Dark Mode on iOS with the release of iOS 13 last September, but not all major apps have implemented it yet.

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Well, you can remove the Google Search app from that list because the wait is almost over — we have learned from a trusted source that the Mountain View-headquartered company will begin a staggered rollout of Dark Mode support in the Search app for both iOS and Android.

Dark Mode support will start rolling out beginning Tuesday, May 19, at 9am PT.

Dark and Light Mode in Google Search for iOS

The Dark Mode option gives people additional options to customize their experience in the Search app. The Search app follows your global iOS display settings for either Dark or Light Mode, but you can also enable or disable a dark theme manually from the app settings on both iOS and Android (automatic Dark Mode requires iOS 13 or up so folks who still run iOS 12 on their iPhone or iPad can only turn on Dark Mode through the Google app settings).

Again, this feature is being pushed live in stages — it’s being rolled out through this week.

What that means is that not all customers are necessarily going to see Dark Mode supported in their copy of the Search app from day one. Give it a few days before checking again whether your installed version of the Search app isn’t yet honoring the system-wide Dark Mode settings.

You can download Google Search for free from the App Store.