App Store Search Ads expand to Russia

Apple has expanded availability of App Store Search Ads, making it possible for developers to promote their apps within the digital storefront by another means.

Apple announced the expansion of App Store Search Ads to Russia today via its official developer website. What’s more, Apple is also offering a $100 credit if developers sign up for a new account to promote their app(s). Here’s the official announcement from Apple:

Promote your apps to customers on the App Store in Russia with Apple Search Ads — an efficient and easy way for people to discover your app the very moment they’re searching for apps like yours. If you sign up for a new Apple Search Ads account, you can take advantage of a 100 USD credit to reach customers in 60 countries and regions.

This is the second expansion for App Store Search Ads this year. Back in March, the company expanded the feature to 46 countries across the globe. It also brought with it the ability for developers to budget their ad campaigns.

Apple has a dedicated landing page for Search Ads, where developers (and interested parties) can learn more about the feature for the App Store.