Sileo v1.7.5 beta 1 adds repo exporting, tweak editorials, & bug fixes

Just last night, the Sileo Team had announced that the Sileo package manager would turn a new leaf by becoming an open-source project for the very first time, ensuring a more transparent future going forward.

Several hours later, Sileo Team lead developer CoolStar seeded an updated beta release of Sileo dubbed version 1.7.5 beta 1 via the official Discord channel so that beta testers could go hands-on with it and try it out:

From what we can gather, Sileo v1.7.5 beta 1 isn’t a major update, but rather a minor one. It purportedly incorporates the following changes:

  • Export your repository sources
  • Add jailbreak tweak editorials to the top section of the ‘New’ tab
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The announcement also shares that many of the bug fixes and performance improvements are already present in the now open-source Sileo v2.0.0 alpha 1.

As always, the latest Sileo beta is available to beta testers on the Chimera and Electra jailbreaks via the default Chimera and Electra repositories.

Those using Sileo’s beta release channel need only refresh their sources to see the new version awaiting installation. However, those using Sileo’s standard release channel won’t see this update; instead, users must opt to install beta releases manually for stability reasons.

Are you excited about any of the changes in the latest Sileo public beta? Let us know in the comments section below.