Atari launches Missile Command: Recharged, a re-imagining of the beloved classic

As promised, Atari’s “Missile Command: Recharged” is now available in the App Store.

If you have fond memories of playing the original “Missile Command”, you know the drill.

A neon-colored re-imagining of the beloved classic, this fast-paced arcade action has you blasting an endless barrage of missiles hailing from the sky, launching your own counter-missiles to protect your base and targeting power-ups to gain an edge at critical moments.

There will be a lot of rockets firing down towards the surface at any given time, so gameplay can get pretty frenetic. In addition, the mobile game sports a cool augmented reality mode which projects gameplay onto a virtual arcade cabinet.

Here’s the announcement trailer for the game.

The original game found its way into arcades in July of 1980.

Here are the key features of “Missile Command: Recharged”:

  • Powered up: Don’t just target missiles — take aim at all-new power-ups to survive longer with defensive measures, silo repair or a screen-clearing special blast.
  • Upgraded: New power-up system takes points earned and allows them to be used to upgrade all aspects of gameplay to get an edge and achieve the highest scores.
  • Shoot for the clouds: Compete in global online leaderboards and aim to claim bragging rights as the top missile commander.
  • Achievements: Better yourself with each game played and work towards besting the toughest challenges.
  • Get augmented: Use the new augmented reality feature to project your gameplay to a virtual arcade cabinet and take your missile destruction to new heights.

The game is free to download and there are no limitations to how far you can go without paying. However, if you’d like, you can get infinite charge as a one-time $3 upgrade.

Download Missile Command: Recharged from the App Store.

What do you think about “Recharged”? Will you be checking it out later this year?

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