Atari’s new Missile Command: Recharged is a neon-colored reimagining of the original arcade game

For anyone who has fond memories of playing the original Missile Command, Atari may have just announced the perfect way to massage that nostalgia muscle.

Today, Atari has announced Missile Command: Recharged, a brand new vision for the popular original title from decades ago. What used to require a giant arcade cabinet will now fit snugly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (and Android devices) when the new title rolls out this spring. And when it does, it will look familiar, and yet also be saturated in neon colors.

The upcoming launch of Missile Command: Recharged is meant to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original title, which initially found its way into arcades (remember those!?) in July of 1980.

The new title will share the standard operating procedure of the original. That means you’ll still be tasked with using missile silos to stop incoming rockets from destroying civilian property on the ground. There will be a lot of rockets firing down towards the surface at any given time, so gameplay can get pretty frenetic.

That will be bolstered in this new version with new entries to the game like power ups and a new upgrade system. What’s more, the game will also feature a new augmented reality mode, which will, according to Polygon, “projects gameplay onto a ‘virtual arcade cabinet.'”

Atari’s new Missile Command: Recharged arrives sometime this spring for iOS and Android.

What do you think? Will you be checking it out later this year?