Apple updates Clips with new stickers, mouse and trackpad support, and more

While Clips might not be the most popular app out there, Apple continues to give it a boost of attention every once in awhile. Like today, for instance.

Apple has updated its Clips app to bring with it mouse and trackpad support for iPadOS users on supported iPad models, along with plenty of other new options to go along with it. That includes support for a Bluetooth keyboard as well. The update also brings with it the ability to use the Duplicate button to quickly create a copy of a clip with all of its effects in place.

Here’s the official changelog:

  • Use Clips on ‌iPad‌ with a mouse, trackpad, or Bluetooth keyboard for new ways to create videos (requires ‌iPadOS‌ 13.4)
  • Use the Duplicate button to instantly create a copy of a clip with all its effects
  • Tap the Split button to divide any clip in two
  • Make stickers pop on and off the screen–just split any clip and apply stickers to either of the two new sections
  • Give your video the look of an 80’s arcade game with updated 8-bit stickers and the new Game Over poster
  • Celebrate spring with the floral Springtime poster
  • Choose from 11 new Mickey and Minnie Mouse stickers, each with its own expressive animation
  • Performance and stability improvements

The latest version of Clips, with all the aforementioned new features and tweaks, is available now from the App Store. The last time Apple updated Clips was back in December of last year, bringing Animoji and Memoji to the app.

If you’ve tried out Clips, what do you think of the app? Let us know in the comments if you’ve been anticipating mouse and trackpad support.