5 iPhone Shortcuts to help you around the house

Laundry Timer shortcut widget iPhone

Everyone could use a little help now and then. And when it comes to taking care of things around the house, an extra hand eases the load. With the Shortcuts app and some great shortcuts to go with it, that helping hand is here for you.

Around the house Shortcuts

1. Set Weekend Chores

Set Weekend Chores shortcut iPhone

Nobody likes doing chores, but like it or not, they need to be done. The Set Weekend Chores shortcut helps by adding chores to your Reminders list so you can keep up and mark things off that list.

You can use the common chores provided by the shortcut, remove those you don’t need, rearrange the list, and add your own. Then select a time to be reminded.

It’s as easy as that to stay on top of those household duties.

2. Laundry Timer

Laundry Timer shortcut iPhone

We’ve recommended the Laundry Timer before and with good reason. If you’re patiently waiting for the rinse cycle, a completed wash so you can move clothes to the dryer, or for the dryer to finish so you can fold your laundry, use the Laundry Timer shortcut.

Tap to use the shortcut or add the widget to your iPhone Today Screen for quick access. You’ll be asked to enter the number of minutes for the timer and tap OK. When time’s up, you’ll get a convenient reminder.

And since this shortcut uses the Reminders app, you can use it for about anything from a cooking timer to a work break timer.

3. Dinner Time

Dinner Time shortcut iPhone

For a fun way to let your family know that dinner is ready, check out the Dinner Time shortcut. With a simple tap, you can have your family’s favorite playlist start playing and have a text sent to the whole group letting them know it’s time to eat.

Select a playlist and pick a destination for the music to play. This is ideal if you have a HomePod near your dining area. Choose the recipients and adjust the message you want to send if you like.

When you’re ready to use the shortcut, just click it and then hit Send on the text message. You’ll soon see everyone come from their rooms or office for a seat at the table.

4. Add Expiration Reminder

Add Expiration Reminder shortcut iPhone

When something is going to expire, you probably try to remember so that you can renew or refill it. Whether it’s a membership, car insurance, or just something simple like milk or vitamins, do you take the time to set up a reminder?

With the Add Expiration Reminder shortcut, you don’t have to worry. Add the item with the expiration date and time, and then get the alert from Reminders when you need it.

There’s no reason to forget about an expiration date, especially for something important, with this convenient shortcut.

5. Plan 3 Main Tasks

Plan 3 Tasks shortcut iPhone

While you may have 10 things you need to get done each day, there might be a few that are more important than the rest. The Plan 3 Main Tasks shortcuts can help you stay on task to get those critical ones done.

Enter each of the three things you want to accomplish today, one by one. You’ll then see that list assembled for you to save, send, or share. As examples, you can save to your Files or print it and put it on the fridge, send it to the Notes app, or share it via Messages or Mail.

For a simple way to focus on the three most important to-dos of the day, check out the Plan 3 Main Tasks shortcut.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully one or more of these handy iPhone shortcuts will help you get done what you need to, today and every day.

Do you have a Shortcuts suggestion that you’d like to add to this list? Share your recommendations below!