Two Apple Arcade exclusives have hit consoles and PC, more titles to follow soon

Two Apple Arcade exclusives are now available on other platforms: UsTwo’s “Assemble With Care” is now available for Windows PCs via Steam while Capcom’s “Shinsekai Into the Depths” is also available on Nintendo’s Switch console. More titles are hitting consoles and PCs soon.

Assemble With Care for Steam

As Engadget noted Friday, seeing “Assemble With Care” launching on PC isn’t a total surprise because its developer UsTwo (the brains behind “Monument Valley” and its sequel “Monument Valley 2“) did acknowledge┬áback in December 2019 that a Steam edition of “Assemble With Care” would be available sometime in the first quarter of 2020.

“Assemble With Care” is a puzzle-solving game that has you fixing and repairing various gadgets and items. You’re tasked with disassembling various objects in an attempt to discover what’s broken, then you must fix what’s wrong before piecing it all back together.

“Assemble With Care” for PC is available on the Steam Store for $8, currently 15 percent off.

Shinsekai Into the Depths for Switch

Meanwhile, Capcom’s “Shinsekai Into the Depths” has landed on the Nintendo Switch.

“Shinsekai Into the Depths” is an excellent undersea exploration game with great visuals, all-encompassing soundscape and tons of creativity. In this game, you must also manage your oxygen reserves as you make your way through an underwater world teeming with life. Another thing you’ll need to keep in mind: your suit’s pressure resistance.


The Switch version brings several new features, including a new Another Dive time-challenge mode with two difficulty levels and another new gameplay mode, called Jukebox. The Another Dive mode has you descending through a maze as quickly as possible in order to “confront a new monstrous threat.” In the new Jukebox Mode, you can listen to your favorite background music while tinkering with a variety of audio filters such as music depth.

“Shinsekai Into the Depths” is listed on the Nintendo Switch eShop with a price of $20.

Other titles are coming to consoles and PC

Apple Arcade games are typically exclusives unavailable on other mobile platforms. You can’t even buy them separately on the App Store if you don’t have an Apple Arcade subscription.

It looks like Apple’s standard terms of business include a certain period of exclusivity before an Apple Arcade title can be released on other platforms. Indeed, according to Engadget, a few other Apple Arcade standouts are coming soon to consoles or PC, including “What The Golf?”, “Sayonara Wild Hearts” and “Shantae and the Seven Sirens”.

Are you glad that some of Apple Arcade’s best games are or will also be available elsewhere? Do you think the service will lose some of its luster if launched on non-Apple platforms?

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