Kuo: Apple to launch several Macs with ARM-based processors in 2021

16-inch MacBook Pro

If the rumor mill is accurate, than we will see the first ARM-based Mac break into the public eye later this year. And that could very well be the dam breaking.

According to the latest research note released by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via¬†MacRumors), Apple is set to move ahead with its transition to ARM-based processors for its Macs in the very near future. We’ve previously heard that the company’s plans include debuting its first model with an ARM processor before the end of 2020, and this report echoes that sentiment. But, of course, it also looks ahead.

Kuo expects that with ARM-based processors, Apple will significantly improve its competitive advantage against the likes of Intel, and it will make it so Apple can refresh its Mac lineup when it sees fit — without having to rely on Intel’s own roadmap for processor updates. At the same time, the switch to the new processors could drop processor prices down by as much as 60 percent, while also boosting battery performance.

This includes MacBooks and desktop Macs. So if this pans out, expect sweeping changes to Apple’s computers next year.

Shifting attention to USB, Kuo has some thoughts on this, too.

Kuo believes that Apple will tap ASMedia Technology to be the sole supplier of the USB controllers for the ARM-based Macs. That will be a significant boost to the company as well when Apple makes a shift to USB4 support, which could arrive as early as 2022. USB4, which is based on Thunderbolt 3, can see data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps, a significant boost from the previous generation. USB4 simply makes it royalty free for manufacturers.

Are you looking forward to ARM-based Macs? Hoping to see one arrive before the end of this year? Let us know in the comments below.