Awaken your iOS theming instincts with ModernBarz

If you have a white-hot passion for iPhone theming or handset system colorization, then you probably won’t want to miss out on the likes of a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed ModernBarz by iOS developer i0s_tweak3r.

ModernBarz offers extensive colorization and customization options for any pwned iPhone’s Status Bar that promote user creativity and allow users to make their handset stand out from what would typically be a rather monotonous crowd.

As you might’ve noticed from the screenshot examples above, a lot can be achieved with ModernBarz – much more than we can babble about in a short and reader-friendly post. To give you some of the basics, it can colorize individual Status Bar elements, apply background glow effects or outlines, hide individual Status Bar elements, introduce custom scrolling carrier texts, and so much more.

Once you’ve installed ModernBarz, you’ll find a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure the tweak to your needs:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle ModernBarz on or off on demand
  • Configure custom Cellular and Wi-Fi options
  • Configure custom Battery options
  • Configure custom background, foreground, and shadow options
  • Configure hiding options
  • Alternate between the date and time in the Status Bar
  • Toggle and configure custom text
  • Replace the Wi-Fi text with the custom text
  • Toggle and choose a fake carrier speed:
    • 2G
    • 3G
    • Normal
    • 4G
    • LTE
    • 5G
    • 6G
    • 7G
  • Hide the activity indicator
  • Enable and configure activity indicator colorization

Exploring some of the aforementioned preference cells more deeply, we find a handful of additional options that we’ll outline for you below:

Cellular and Wi-Fi options

  • Choose a custom text color
  • Choose a custom Wi-Fi indicator color
  • Toggle colorized cellular signal bars
  • Choose a custom active signal bar color
  • Choose a custom inactive signal bar color

Battery options

  • Toggle battery colorization on or off
  • Choose a battery fill color
  • Choose a battery outline color
  • Choose a battery positive end color
  • Toggle numeric percent inside the battery icon
  • Choose a color for the battery percent
  • Display the battery percentage when charging instead of the bolt icon
  • Replace the percent text with something custom
  • Toggle custom Low Power Mode colors
  • Choose a Low Power Mode fill color
  • Choose a Low Power Mode body color
  • Choose a Low Power Mode battery percentage text color
  • Choose a Low Power Mode pin color

Background, foreground, and shadow options

  • Toggle foreground colorization
  • Configure a custom foreground item color
  • Toggle background colorization
  • Configure a custom background item color
  • Toggle shadows
  • Toggle super shadows
  • Configure a shadow color
  • Adjust shadow alpha level

Hide options

  • Hide the time from the Status Bar
  • Hide the Location icon form the Status Bar
  • Hide breadcrumbs links from the Status Bar
  • Hide the NO SIM text from the Status Bar (when a SIM card isn’t installed)
  • Hide the alarm indicator from the Status Bar
  • Hide the Rotation Lock icon from the Status Bar
  • Hide the entire Status Bar altogether
  • Make the Status Bar translucent

The developer incorporates a Respring button at the bottom of the primary preference pane and at the bottom of most of the individual preference pane cells. It’s advised that you use this button to ensure that any changes you make take effect, although the developer states that a Respring isn’t necessary for many of the options.

Whether you’re in it for the hardcore system colorization, or you want to hide or augment the items already present in your Status Bar, ModernBarz seems like a solid option. Even if you find the colorization examples to be somewhat gaudy at best, you can always use the tweak for the aforementioned functional purposes and save money when compared to some of the competing tweaks on the market today.

Those interested in giving ModernBarz a try can purchase the tweak for $1.65 from the Packix repository via their preferred package manager.

ModernBarz supports jailbroken iOS 11, 12, and 13 devices and plays nicely with tweaks likes statusbarXS and LittleXS. It’s known to conflict, however, with tweaks like Airport, Airport13, LegiBilly12, and Stylish11.

Will you be giving ModernBarz a try, or are you content with the stock Status Bar experience on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.