Craig Federighi demos the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard with a trackpad

Earlier today, Apple unveiled not only a new iPad Pro for 2020, but also a new Magic Keyboard accessory that brings a trackpad into the mix. And now one of Apple’s executives is ready to demonstrate how it works.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s Vice President of Software, has sat down with the new iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard to go over how it works. The video was shared today by The Verge, and you’ll be able to check out the full video in their article. The executive goes over the thought processes that led Apple to equip the iPad with mouse and trackpad support, as well as showing off how it all works in practice.

Federighi says that the development of the iPad over the years has always been about versatility, and about the power of touch. But typing is important and the trackpad only boosts a user’s ability to get things done right from the keyboard. Federighi adds:

For typing, nothing beats the Magic Keyboard. It’s when typing that you most appreciate the precision and ergonomics of a trackpad.

The pointer on the iPad while using iPadOS and a trackpad is not the traditional design you have come to expect, thanks to computer usage. Instead, when using a mouse or trackpad with an iPad users will see a rounded icon, and it will only be present on the screen when the mouse or the trackpad is being used. It will also change sizes based on the item the cursor is hovering over.

Federighi notes that the trackpad makes it easy to access Control Center or the Dock on the iPad as well, and it will support gestures to get things done faster as well.

Basically, Federighi is showing off the new iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard in a way that he probably would have had he been given time on stage to announce all these details. So be sure to head over to The Verge and check it out.

Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro, both in the 11- and 12.9-inch variants, is available to order now. Meanwhile, the new Magic Keyboard accessory launches in May.

Do you plan on buying either one of the new products?