Ra1nbox is a NanoPi Neo2-powered box that can deploy checkra1n without a computer

The checkra1n jailbreak is driven by a powerful bootrom exploit that can’t be patched with a software update from Apple, and with that in mind, it’s easy to see why some people may opt to use checkra1n over some of the other jailbreaks available, such as unc0ver for example.

While it’s a great jailbreak, Windows users have relentlessly expressed dissatisfaction about having to borrow friends’ Macs or run Linux on their machines. With no certain ETA for a Windows-based checkra1n release, third parties are now cooking up interesting solutions. One is Ra1nbox, a small and portable box powered by a NanoPi Neo2 that can be used to deploy the checkra1n jailbreak from anywhere without the need for a computer.

A testimonial shared over the weekend on /r/jailbreak divulges a positive user experience with the Ra1nbox module after the user purchased and used a pre-built unit from the product’s website to achieve a jailbroken state without a computer.

From what we can gather, potential buyers have the choice of buying a pre-assembled unit for €150 + shipping (conversion rates apply if paying in U.S. dollars) or buying the pieces to assemble and program it themselves for a lesser cost, depending on the options you choose. We can neither confirm nor deny that the product works as advertised, but community-driven feedback like that shared on /r/jailbreak is one of the best ways to validate a product.

Expensive? Perhaps… but only those who demand the most extreme of life’s conveniences will consider picking one up as there are free alternatives to buying this product.

For those interested in learning how Ra1nbox works, a half-hour-long video on YouTube shows off the product and walks you through the process:

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More information is available in this official /r/jailbreak post.

As it would seem, the Ra1nbox itself necessitates power over a Micro-USB connection. This can be achieved with a simple AC adapter or with a portable battery pack much like what the user in the testimonial used:

Once the unit is powered on, the display comes alive with checkra1n-centric options. The user can then plug their checkra1n-compatible iPhone or iPad into the Ra1nbox unit, put it into DFU mode, and use the three brass buttons to command the jailbreak process. Bada bing, bada boom. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

It’s worth noting that the NaniPi Neo2 inside the Ra1nbox unit utilizes a Linux board, so it’s evident that the box would be using the Linux-compatible version of checkra1n to make this possible. Should the checkra1n team release an updated version of the jailbreak tool, then the user would be responsible for upgrading the jailbreak software on the device. Steps for setting the unit up manually are present on the Ra1nbox’s DIY page.

We’d like to reiterate that because we haven’t tried the Ra1nbox unit, we can neither confirm nor deny that the product works as advertised or that it’s safe to use. But if you trust all the positive feedback that the product appears to have received thus far, then you proceed at your own risk. Our motive for sharing Ra1nbox was merely to educate the community about its existence, not to promote the product.

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Are you excited about Ra1nbox and the implications that it has for jailbreaking checkra1n-compatible iOS devices? Discuss in the comments section below.