Spotify refreshes the homepage to make finding your favorites easier

Spotify has a lot of content to sift through on a regular basis, so the company has designed to refresh the homepage in an effort to make finding your favorites even easier.

Following hot on the heels of the company refreshing the iOS app in general, Spotify has just announced that it is making some big changes to the homepage. The changes are rolling out today for both iOS and Android users. First things first: the app will tell you “good morning” right there at the top, which is just nice and friendly, right?

As for the content, it should all be a bit easier to access now. It’s sectioned off into two parts. The top is for your most-played content, your favorites, which is made into a nice grid. There will be six blocks to choose from, including albums, playlists, and podcasts. And then the bottom section of the new homepage will show the “Made For You” section, which includes curated playlists for each individual user.

Below that, there will be popular playlists and more to choose from.

It all looks very simple and straightforward. The content that appears in the homepage will change throughout the day, too, so what you see in the morning should be different from what you see in the afternoon and evening. Oh, and that greeting message? It will change, too, from “good morning” to “good afternoon” to “good evening”, all based on the time of day.

Spotify’s announcement today makes it a point to indicate this change is all about making finding what you like even easier. These changes are available in the Spotify app beginning today.

What do you think of the changes? Maybe it’s time for the Apple Music “For You” section to get a worthwhile refresh.