Spotify refreshes the iOS app, now features a new ‘Shuffle Play’ button, Action Rows, and more

Spotify has made some big changes to the iOS app, bringing in three new changes.

The company made the announcement today, February 27, and describes the new changes to the iOS app as being “bigger” and “bolder”. The changes are available for both the free and Premium subscribers, making the user interface more streamlined with more actionable buttons.

The first new addition is the “Shuffle Play” button. This is meant to start streaming a variety of music a lot easier:

Our new green “shuffle play” icon reduces streaming to the click of one familiar button, which includes the shuffle icon.

There are new Action Rows. For Premium subscribers they will see a new “download”, “play”, and “like”, are now grouped together in a central position on the display. The experience will apparently adapt to the size of your phone’s screen, and Spotify says it should make it easier to use the app with one hand.

And finally, new track rows featuring cover art. You’ll now see an individual track’s album artwork displayed next to it throughout the app. Except if you’re navigating the “Albums” category in the app. Spotify will now be highlighting songs you’ve already liked as well, making it easy to see what you’ve already given some love.

The new, slightly redesigned Spotify with its new features is now rolling out to iOS users. What do you think of the changes if you’re a Spotify user? And if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, are you wanting some of these changes to show up in your service of choice?