Mario Kart Tour for iOS is getting multiplayer mode on March 8

Way, way back in September of last year Nintendo launched another mobile game: Mario Kart Tour. But playing with other people in the popular kart racing game was not a top priority, apparently.

That’s changing in just a matter of days, though. Nintendo has announced that it will be adding a multiplayer mode to Mario Kart Tour for iOS on March 8. The new mode will go live at 8:00 PM Pacific, 11:00 PM Eastern on that date.

When the multiplayer mode arrives, players will be able to compete with up to seven additional players. Those other players can be friends, they can just be players that happen to be nearby, or they can be from anywhere across the world. There will also be several different modes to choose from to play with friends and/or strangers.

Mario Kart Tour is free-to-play, but it also offers a range of in-app purchases as well. There is even a subscription, if you want to unlock the faster 200cc races, along with other content.

There will hopefully be quite a few people to play with once the multiplayer mode launches. Back in December, Apple revealed that Nintendo’s kart racing game featuring Mario and other popular characters was one of the most downloaded titles from the App Store.

Are you still playing Mario Kart Tour? Will you give it another shot with a multiplayer mode?