Platformer Crossy Road Castle arrives on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade yesterday released a new exclusive title, Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road Castle.

Billed as an endless co-op platform fun, Crossy Road Castle is a spinoff of Hipster Whale’s 2014 Crossy Road and its subsequent Disney Crossy Road collaboration. But unlike Crossy Road and Disney Crossy Road, the new title is an endless platformer that revolves around climbing through an endless spinning tower, dodging enemies and avoiding obstacles.

The game features pixelated retro graphics and cartoonish characters. Along the way, you’ll collect various items and unlock things such as playable animal avatars. Multiplayer mode supports up to four players with controllers via a single device multiple devices or both. No two levels in the game are the same because each room is generated programmatically.

Hipster Whale says new towers and characters will  be added regularly via updates.

The key features include:

  • Play together: Designed for cooperative arcade platforming chaos. You can also play solo, but everything’s more fun with friends, right?
  • Connect easily: Connect all players on a single device with game controllers, or connect together across multiple devices (or any mix that suits you).
  • Collect everything: Unlock Crossy Chicken and friends. Dress up in silly hats.
  • Find new stuff: With procedurally generated levels and variations, your tower run will be different every time!
  • Defeat an oversized angry eagle: Why is it so angry?!
  • Play offline: No internet? No worries. Fully enjoyable offline.

For further information, visit the official website.

Crossy Road Castle is available exclusive via Apple Arcade.