‘AirPods X Generation’ and other unannounced products appear in Target inventory

There have been rumors swirling around for quite some time that Apple is planning to launch a slate of new products in early 2020. Maybe in March.

While nothing is official quite yet, we have also heard that Apple’s next major media event will take place on Tuesday, March 31. The star of that show will be the oft-rumored low-cost iPhone, currently called the “iPhone 9” or “iPhone SE 2”, which is said to launch on Friday, April 3. But there are also other rumored devices coming down the pipe, too, which could all be announced at the March event.

For example, Apple’s rumored over-the-ear headphones could be unveiled at the event. And to help that rumor along, it’s been discovered that one big box retailer in the United States appears to already be planning ahead for that impending launch. YouTuber Jon Prosser took to Twitter recently to show off what’s described as being a Target inventory scanner, showing off a title for a product called “Apple AirPods (X Generation)”.

The listing shows a price tag of $399.99. That might seem high, but considering the AirPods Pro cost $249.99, and these are said to be over-the-ear headphones, it’s not all that surprising.

Unfortunately, just the pseudo title and the price are provided on the inventory scanner, so we don’t have anything else to go on. Prosser does include a preview of a concept of what he calls “StudioPods”, but the inventory system itself does not give us any indication of what these new headphones might look like.

AppleInsider spoke with several Target employees to find out what they could about these listings. The employees informed the publication that these types of placeholders for future products happen all the time. However, the name of the product is usually wrong this far in advance — so don’t expect these new headphones to actually be called “AirPods (X Generation)”. The pricing, though, according to the employees, is usually right, so it looks like these new headphones won’t be cheap.

But that’s not all. A subsequent report from 9to5Mac also indicates that a lot of new hardware is coming soon, at least based on Target inventory for unannounced products. The inventory scanners, which you can see pictured just above, show off new products from the iPod touch lineup, Apple TV, and Apple Watch (in this case, new Apple Watch bands). In each case, the products are also listed as either “X Generation” or “Gen X”, which seems to indicate that Target is indeed ready for new products, but isn’t quite sure which generation/product name Apple is actually going to use for the consumer-ready product.

Still, all of this appears to point to new Apple devices coming soon. Does that mean we’ll actually see a media event before the end of March? Maybe! It’s certainly possible. But nothing is set in stone quite yet, so this could all come down to a lot of press releases next month.

Either way, which of these products are you excited most about?