Sileo v1.7.1 officially released for Chimera and checkra1n jailbreak users

The Sileo Team took to Twitter late Wednesday evening to share that it had released an updated version of the Sileo package manager dubbed v1.7.1 with various improvements, but that wasn’t all. The Tweet also noted that the new Sileo build was available for both Chimera and checkra1n jailbreak users.

The Sileo Team attempted a checkra1n port for its Sileo package manager just before the new year, and despite a flaky initial release that quickly crashed and burned, it now seems that the Sileo Team is making a second attempt – this time with some help from Diatrus, a name that might sound familiar if you’ve ever used an unofficial Sileo port before.

For those who don’t already know, this is great news. Diatrus is particularly well known for his third-party Sileo port that enabled checkra1n users to have both Cydia and Sileo on the same jailbroken device despite their purported dependency incompatibilities.

Starting with Sileo v1.7.1, the new installer also no longer replaces all of checkra1n’s critical bootstrap components. The lone exception to the aforementioned statement is APT, and perhaps unsurprisingly, this has implications for Cydia on the checkra1n jailbreak.

Apart from the big news mentioned above, it’s worth noting that Sileo v1.7.1 is a unified release for both Chimera and checkra1n, and this means that jailbreakers using Chimera on iOS 12 (and soon iOS 13) can also upgrade to Sileo v1.7.1 to take advantage of the new speed benefits – namely with that of the Get button, which is much faster than in Sileo v1.6.1.

If you’re using a checkra1n device and you’d like to give Sileo a shot, then you can follow the steps in our detailed tutorial. You’ll need to add the following repository URL to your current package manager to get started:

Will you be trying Sileo on your checkra1n jailbreak now that Diatrus has played a part in the official installer? Discuss in the comments section below.