Twelve South launches a matte white MacBook stand to match that white desk of yours

The Curve from Twelve South is one of the top-selling notebook stands in the world, and now it’s gotten even better thanks to a new Curve SE that launched Tuesday, bringing a beautiful matte white finish for customers who need a stand to color-match their all-white work desk.

Color-matching your desk

The new Curve SE is basically a matte white version of Twelve South’s existing Curve notebook stand. If your work desk is all white, you can now color-match it with the new Curve SE. It also matches Apple’s white accessories like the Magic Mouse and Keyboard.

Twelve South founder Andrew Green:

Desktop accessories – especially MacBook stands – are inherently home decor. They should match your room, your style, your desk and complement (not copy) your MacBook. Our latest solution, while deceptively simple, is a beautiful matte white MacBook stand we call Curve SE.

Here’s the original trailer for the Curve from about two years ago.

Why use a notebook stand?

The Curve is a deceptively simple yet tremendously useful stand for your Apple notebook.

If you spend most of your time sitting in front of your computer like I do, and you happen to own a notebook, this stand will elevate your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to a healthier, more comfortable ergonomic height.

Thanks to its elevated design, the Curve serves a very practical purpose because the design doesn’t prevent the air from flowing underneath the notebook and help keep the machine cool when you’re editing video or running similar resource-heavy software.

Twelve South explains science behind the Curve’s ergonomics:

Long hours hunched over your MacBook can be a pain in the neck, literally. Curve helps prevent that pain by elevating your MacBook screen an ergonomic standard 6.5 inches off your desk. When you sit up straight and look directly at your screen, you’ll feel less tension in your neck and shoulders, allowing the ideas to flow out of you.

Here’s our video review of the original black matte Curve.

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If you prefer using your MacBook connected to an external display in clamshell notebook mode, you can place your Curve stand alongside the external display to create a perfectly ergonomic dual-screen setup. Using a desktop stand like the Curve also makes it easier to pair your MacBook with a full-size keyboard, mouse or Wacom tablet.

The original Curve in matte black.

Pricing and availability

The Curve is available in the matte black finish that complements every shade of MacBook and the new matte white color that matches modern modern office spaces and white desktops.

To buy the new Curve SE, visit the Twelve South website.