Apple TV+’s upcoming comedy series ‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet’ will tackle crunch and other issues

Apple has an upcoming comedy series that will go behind-the-scenes of video game development, all viewed from the minds who brought the world It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The upcoming series is called Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, and we’ve already seen a couple of different trailers for the upcoming series. It’s set to debut on February 7 on Apple TV+, and so far it looks pretty funny. Here, check out the latest piece of promotional work for the upcoming series before we dig into the latest report:

So you can get the look and feel of the show in this latest trailer, even if it’s not that long. It all looks like it will be quite a bit of fun, based on the trailers, but now we know that it’s also going to tackle real world issues in the video game development community, too.

As reported by USGamer, Rob McElhenney, co-creator of the upcoming series, recently spoke about the show at this year’s PAX South event. While on the panel, McElhenney said there will be plenty of comedy, but the show will also tackle real world issues, too, including crunch — when a development team has to work increasingly difficult hours because a milestone of some kind is behind schedule.

Crunch is a serious issue (not just in video game development), and it can lead some workers to spend inordinate amounts of time at the office, or working in general, to reach a certain point. McElhenney says he wants the show to feel “authentic”, which means these real world issues have to be tackled:

To make it feel authentic, we wanted to make sure that we’re capturing those things that studios themselves are really grappling with beyond just the interpersonal dynamics among the employees, but specifically things like crunch.

When you realize that there are people who are working 60, 70 hours a week to make the games possible, and one of the ramifications of that was the fallout from that and what does that do to the psyche of the employee and individual?

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is a half-hour comedy series, so it will be interesting to see how much of these real world issues crop up into the episodes. More importantly, though, is how the writing handles all of it. I think it has become a bit more clear as to why Apple thought Mythic Quest was a good choice for Apple TV+. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has said he sees the streaming service as a way to tell stories about people, and the issues they may go through.

McElhenney stars in the series as Ian Grimm, the creative director at the game studio developing Mythic Quest.

It sounds like Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet will fit with that quite well. Hopefully.

Are you looking forward to this one? It debuts on February 7.